Archives of Medical Research and Health Sciences  ( ISSN : 2994-6379 )

Archives of Medical Research and Health Sciences

ISSN: 2994-6379

Archives of Medical Research and Health Sciences stands as a beacon in the realm of scholarly publication. As a peer-reviewed, indexed, and open-access journal, it serves as a platform for disseminating top-tier research across all facets of medical and health sciences. Within its pages, one finds a rich tapestry of original research articles, insightful reviews, thought-provoking editorials, illuminating case reports, concise short communications, and engaging commentary, all contributing to the collective knowledge of medicine and its diverse subspecialties.

Dedicated to nurturing the next generation of scholars, Archives of Medical Research and Health Sciences is unwavering in its commitment to supporting young researchers and fostering their growth within the academic realm. With a broad scope covering pivotal topics in various medical disciplines, the journal serves as a catalyst for progress in health, healthcare, and medicine. It actively promotes the exploration of new therapeutic modalities, the cultivation of innovative perspectives, and the pursuit of ground breaking research endeavours.

The breadth of coverage within the journal is expansive, encompassing but not limited to fields such as Ophthalmology, Gastroenterology, Oncology, Orthopedics, Nursing, Pulmonology, Gynecology, Otolaryngology, Immunology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Nephrology, Reproduction, Physiology, Biotechnology, Cardiology, Psychology, Pharmacy, Radiology, Anesthesiology, Pharmacology, Dental Sciences, Dermatology, Forensic Medicine, Pathology, Endocrinology, Otorhinolaryngology, Neurology, Hepatology, Anatomy, Diabetes, Urology, Physiotherapy, Surgery, Venereology, and beyond.

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Latest Articles :

Research Article - Volume 3, Issue 1 (2021)
Type 1 Diabetes Incidence among School-Aged Children and Adolescents in Sana'a City, Yemen
 Hadeel Radwan Elshoubaki   Tareq Yahya AlKebsi   Ronald E LaPorte