Archives of Virology and Infectious Diseases  ( ISSN : 2994-824X )

A Study on Colloidal Gold-Based Immunochromatographic Assay: Monoclonal Antibodies

 Moloney Pareek   Maestro Jacob   Lammers Shukla

Abstract :


Droplet drying techniques showed in several studies that nanoparticles typically self-assemble in a very coffee-stain ring once complete evaporation of the solvent. Suspension comprises of assorted shapes and sizes in suspension dried on SiO2 substrate at temperature leaves behind a coffee-stain-like ring. High-resolution scanning microscope (HRSEM) pictures for at numerous locations of the coffee-stain ring show some fascinating self-assembling behavior of assorted shapes of the gold nanostructures. At outer edges of the deposited ring, side-by-side assembly of nanorods showed that such assembly begins with a skinny nanorod and ends with thick ones. just in case of thick-thin rods and spheres with comparatively dense concentration permits simply thick rods ensemble whereas alternative determined in disorder all over inside the ring. Theoretical nano- interactions conjointly affirms experimental results.


 Self-assembly; Gold nanorods; Coffee-stain ring; Shape-separation.